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Kitchen Respray

Kitchen Respray has become extremely popular recently… And rightfully so because it makes so much sense. Choose Kitchen Respray .com. We are Ireland’s largest and best.

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Furniture Respray

Furniture Respray We can respray and restore your old furniture to look like new. Drop it off at our workshop or we can collect. Give your old furniture a new lease of life with Furniture Respray. com

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UPVC Respray

UPVC Respray As Ireland’s approved applicators for the exclusive PVCu Respray system. Respray your old PVC windows to cream, grey or any colour for a fraction of the replacement cost?


PVC windows & Kitchen Respray

Respray your kitchen, furniture or PVC windows and doors at a fraction of the replacement price.

Are you fed up looking at your outdated kitchen or windows? Do you think it’s time to brighten the kitchen with a respray? Or changing the colour of your pvc windows and doors. There is no need to worry about it as buying new windows is not the only option you have to beautify your kitchen. You can now do a kitchen respray and transform the look and colour of your existing uPVC windows and even doors.

All this can be done within your budget. This is because PVC windows and doors respray use the latest uPVC painting technology. This costs a fraction of the costs you would have otherwise spent to replace them.

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Not all spray companies are the same

It’s worth doing some research

Is it possible that all Kitchen Respray companies are all the same?
Of course not!
Like in every industry price and quality and service have a direct and inseparable relationship we all have had the bitter taste of getting something CHEAP!

Please take some time to sum it all up. A cheaper quote can easily be dismantled with a few simple questions or a very light bit of research.

Biggest & Best

We respray over 15 Kitchens a week and much more Furniture!

Fully Compliant

fully compliant with all Health & Safety regulations

Creative & Professional

We are experts in helping you choose the best colour for your kitchen

No job to Big

With 6 Spray booth and 10 Spray painters we can take on any size project.

100% Result Guarantee

All our work is 100% Guaranteed


The reason why i am writing this review is down to the fact that the company is the most professional company i have ever met.

Ciaran W Byrne

Home owner

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