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A kitchen respray lets you choose and give your kitchen or favourite piece of furniture a different colour and finish to change its appearance, and add life to your kitchen. The procedure is, in fact, a very useful one as it lets you upgrade perfectly good condition fixtures instead of spending money buying new pieces or kitchens. You, in fact, end up paying only a fraction of the cost of a kitchen renovation with a kitchen respray.

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20 years in the business has given us the expertise that newcomers cannot compete with

A kitchen respray usually takes only 3-4 days
We spend the first two days removing and cleaning all cabinet doors. So much time is spent on this task as they are the most visible and get damaged more and faster than the interiors.
It’s when the doors are ready for spray painting that we start cleaning and preparing the carcass for the kitchen to be painted. We assess the cabinets’ condition and sand the surfaces smooth and clean enough for a 100% satisfactory spray painting job.
It’s in the third and final space of the kitchen respray we re-fit the cabinet doors. Touch-ups are given where necessary, and kitchen doors get new handles, and you have your updated and upgraded kitchen ready for you to use!

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The reason why i am writing this review is down to the fact that the company is the most professional company i have ever met.

Ciaran W Byrne

Home owner

Save thousands with Respray

So you see, there’s no need to spend too much to change the atmosphere and ambience in your kitchen. All you need is a kitchen respray. We can assist you to choose the colour and budget, and you can leave everything else to us

It’s not just domestic homeowners. We also work for builders and Businesses.

We are the nominated contractors for all the major Irish hotel groups and leading brands.

We spray Kitchens, furniture, wardrobes and much more


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