PVC windows & Doors Respray

It’s not just any paint that is used for resurfacing your uPVC doors and windows. It needs to be a specialized paint that has to be mixed using some modern, computer-driven equipment. Once applied, you get a coating layer that won’t require any repainting for some time to come. You needn’t wait long for the paint to dry as uPVC paint dries in a few hours’ time.

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Have your PVC or composite doors and windows resprayed to any colour

So you are moving into a new house that is pretty much well furnished.  The only problem you may have is that you don’t like the window and door colours as they clash with your room furniture.

Replacing the doors and windows at this point is not a feasible option as it’s an added, unnecessary expense with your other existing moving costs. This doesn’t mean that you have to tolerate these colours for a few more weeks or months!

It’s now possible to respray uPVC doors and windows any colour you want to spruce up their looks as per your interior decorations.Different colours for interiors and exteriors

Don’t replace it Respray it

This customer was quoted €2,300 to change the doors. We resprayed it for €495! and it looks like new.

Painting your PVC door make sense

Big change from old wood effect to modern Red. All done in a day. No mess no Fuss and save thousands.


Get your whole house resprayed for a fraction of the replacement cost. Without any of the stress or expense.

PVC respray from black to yellow

Change the colour of your uPVC or composite door and frame.

PVC Porch respray to cream

No need to change perfectly good pvc when you can respray it. send a photo for a quote.

Pvc Respray front of house

All work is done onsite no need to remove any fixtures. Most full houses take 2 to three days.

There is a wide choice of colours to choose from, and these colours are usually used only for the exteriors as the interiors will be painted white so that they don’t clash with your decor.  Of course, this is your personal selection as you can always paint the interiors your chosen colour while the exteriors are painted a shade of white.

Just remember that if you plan to use white for the exteriors, ivory or off-white are better options for muting the starkness. Not only do you have so many colours to choose from, there are also many finishes you can use like silk, gloss or matte. It’s left to you to choose and decide the ideal finish for your home’s different uPVC windows and doors.

Just send a photo by text email or Whatsapp and we can give you an instant quote. Alternatively, pop into one of our showrooms and we can show you some samples.